NOAR Stakepools

A reliable, decentralized, secure, and high performance Cardano staking service with principles rooted in transparency, accessibility ,ethics and maximizing returns for our investors(delagators).


About Us

Cardano being a Proof Of Stake blockchain, any participants who own ADAs helps in securing the blockchain. As a reward, participants will receive remuneration in ADAs.

However, this requires technical/industry expertise to set up the infrastructure, maintain and secure while having minimal downtime. Which is a barrier for most participants due to cost and know-how.

This is where the Stake Pools come in: you safely delegate your right to participate in the functioning of the blockchain. (You do not send your ADAs but a certificate). In exchange for this service, the Stake Pool take a small portion of the rewards distributed by the Cardano network. We take care of our delegates and in turn they remain on our stake pool.

Rest assure that there is no risk delegating to our pool even if we were to stop our operations. You can pull out your ADA at any time for whatever reason. These mechanisms are built into the Cardano network. Have peace of mind delegating to our pool.

Ticker: NOAR

You can find us on DAEDALUS/Yoroi wallets as well as other online platforms for staking operators and delegators(i.e Pooltool.io)

Find Us


Multiple relay nodes with failover and redundancy using high performance cloud resources. Distributed in different regions with an SLA of 99.9% uptime. We will scale our infrastructure as our pool grows.


By hosting on a cloud infrastructure we inherit build in security mechanisms while also implementing industry best practices. One air-gapped offline machine (cold environment) to protect our sensitive assets.

24/7 Support

Various monitoring and alerting systems configured in case of any issues to maximize uptime(99.9%). We welcome everyone regardless if you are a delegator or have some inquiries.

How to Delegate

Download Daedalus or Yoroi wallets to stake to our pool


Once you have your Shelley mainnet wallet working, go to the delegation section of the wallet and search for our ticker ID "NOAR" and delegate your ADA.

You can also search using our pool ID number below:

  • Pledge : ₳ 2.0k

    It's a small amount but we have to start somewhere. We do believe that our reputation along with our expertise will go a long way with attracting delegators from all over the globe. As our pool grows we will redistribute our rewards into our pledge.

  • Variable Fee: 1 %

    We reward our delegators by only keeping 1% of the rewards. The 99% is for you! We have some of the lowest fees. As our pool grows we continue to have the lowest fees.We are in this for the long run therefore we want to keep you happy.

  • Pool Fee: ₳ 340

    The minimum fixed ADA staking fee across the Cardano network. At a minimum, this is what we believe to be enough to cover operational costs. Our pool has elected to set the pool fee to the lowest amount allowed by the Cardano network. We cannot go any lower that this and the reason we do this is to maximize rewards for our delegators.

Our Expertise

NOAR is completed vested in the technology. We have IT Specialists with 10+ years of experience across various industries. We are a well balanced team with subject matter expects in many fields.

System Status

Current system status and overall uptime. We do our best to meet our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

* Uptime stats are also affected by maintenance and upgrades. Don't be alarmed if it's below 99.9%. The statistics will eventually average out to 99.9%+

Core Node → 0%
Relay Node 1 → 0%
Relay Node 2 → 0%